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JULY 3, 2017!
welcome to once in a blood moon, a new post potter rp. we have been open for about a month now and are just completing our first activity check. new event will be up shortly!

it is currently july 2027.

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We had a good run <3 Members should still be able to log in and collect their things.
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Once In A Blood Moon 

hello lovelies, this is heather a twenty-three year old college graduate with decent graphic skills. i'm a lover of jane austen novels, american horror story, teen wolf, criminal minds and supernatural. i'm a big fan of seafood and i hail from the philippines originally. feel free to drop me a line if you need help or would like graphics made. you can also pm or find me on discord me for plots. pacific || she/her
hai it's evvie, your resident crazy cat lady -- i'm 22 and recently graduated college (woot!) talk cats, got, shameless, shadowhunters, shannara, dexter, gilmore girls, or a million other things to me and i'll love you forever. i love to eat the cookie dough out of cookie dough ice cream and leave the rest in the freezer - yes, i'm a monster. i am decent at coding so if you find any bugs/problems with this skin, please let me know and i'll pretend i know how to fix it. also, plot with me. i love you all. EST|| she/her
hi! i’m doe! a 22 year old illustrator + reptile enthusiast. i like sitcoms and stalking (every pairing on this site is my otp), and i’m big on dunking french fries in milkshakes. feel free to pm me or add me on discord if you need anything: graphics, sage wisdom or just a chat. i’m here to help in any way that i can. gmt | she/her
Hola! Names Clo and I'm just your average 25 year old dinosaur princess. No, really I'm a second grade teacher who never really grew up myself. Books are my one true love and I'm always down for suggestions on new books to read! I like all the plots and all of the wanted ads, so feel free to poke me if you need one taken, I'm a sucker for a good want ad. | EST & She/Her
hey ya’ll, im pip, your neighborhood plot panda and designated welcome wagoner person. I love to watch Netflix, play video games and avoid schoolwork until the last second. i’m a junior in university pursing a general studies degree. I currently live at home and hope and plan to get my novels/poetry published one day and also hoping I will be the proud owner of a domesticated fox at some point too… love ya’ll, hit me up on discord if you need anything at all, yeh? central || she/her
new order
ministry gala
The yearly Ministry Gala. This year's theme is Masquerade but there isn't a friendly face behind every mask. Regardless of those attending, you'll definitely be on your toes all night with your assigned dance partner. You might as well enjoy the evening while it lasts.